4EvaSeal® Double Sided Tape

Double sided tape pictureDouble Sided 4EvaSeal® Tape

4EvaSeal (R) Double Sided Tape can be used between plies of roofing materials, around flashings, skylights, windows, doors, joints cracks and other places on the RV to bond and seal materials.  The double-sided tape is available in 30 and 60 mil thicknesses.  It can also be used between metals to prevent galvanic corrosion.  Alternatively, you can roll or bead up the tape and use it to fill gaps, joints, holes or other areas of the building envelope to provide a watertight seal.  The double-sided tape is not UV stable and should not be left exposed.



Use 4EvaSeal ® Double Sided Tape For:

•Commercial Roofing

•Home Owners

•RV, Campers and Motorhomes

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