4EvaSeal® Multi-Purpose Tape

Multi-Purpose 4EvaSeal® Tape

4EvaSeal (R) Multi-Purpose Tape comes in a variety of colors (white, black, gray, tan) and can be used to seal holes and repair single ply membranes such as TPO, PVC, etc.  The Multi-Purpose tape is UV stable and comes with a backing that is 23% thicker than the leading competitors.  The added thickness means there is more material to protect your roof system from the elements, UV breakdown, and abuse.  This engineered added protection results in a longer-term performance than competitive materials.  Multi-Purpose Tape can also be used on or above your RV to stop the intrusion of water.  The most common application is on the roof and slide outs to seal up the perimeters and around penetrations.



Applying 4EvaSeal Multipurpose Tape to a RV roof

Use 4EvaSeal ® Multi-Purpose Tape For:

Agricultural Use

•Roofing & Metal Buildings

•RV/Automotive & Transportation

•Waterproofing & Construction


•Private Label / OEM


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