4EvaSeal® Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  I have never heard of 4EvaSeal® before, is this a new technology?

While the 4EvaSeal® name is new, the tapes are not.  4EvaSeal® Tapes have been used in the roofing, RV, waterproofing and homeowner applications for over 20 years.  Prior to 2014 the products were sold exclusively through private label customers.  Now our tapes are available directly from the manufacturing source under the 4EvaSeal® name.  Contact Chase Corp. for a detailed history of 4EvaSeal® at 781-332-0700.

Q: Are the 4EvaSeal® tapes superior to competitive brands?

Yes.  Our products contain more adhesive, thicker backings, better physical properties, and a longer track record.

The tapes have approx. 30 mils of adhesive and our backings are 8 mils thick.  Additional thickness on the backing and adhesive means your valuable assets are better protected.  We believe that the performance of our tape should not be comprised to reduce costs so we can improve our “bottom line”.

Our adhesive technology has been used for over 20 years in demanding applications under various product names.  Competitive products are using new unproven technology with fancy “…..sealant technology®” terms that just marketing sales tools.  A true test of product performance can be found in physical properties of that product.

Q:  What surfaces will 4EvaSeal® bond to?

The visco-elastomeric adhesive technology of 4EvaSeal® products will bond to almost any clean and dry surface such as plastics, wood, metals, concrete, masonry, etc.  Dusty or porous surfaces should be primed with 4EvaSeal® primer prior to application of the tape.  4EvaSeal® will also bond to properly cleaned and prepared roofing materials such as EPDM, TPO, PVC, BUR, SBS, and APP.

Q:  Is the 4EvaSeal® Product UV stable?

When the tape will be permanently exposed to UV the 4EvaSeal® Multi-Purpose tape should be used.  This tape has an 8mil MAF (multi-alloy film) on the back that is fully resistant to UV and can be left exposed for the life of the tape product.

Q:  Is 4EvaSeal® self-sealing?

4EvaSeal® tapes are self-sealing if used in areas where nails or screws will be installed through the tape.  In order to assure a permanent seal it is recommended to warm the tape prior to fastening through it.  Fastening through cold tape will limit self-sealing capabilities.  In all cases it is always recommended to try to prevent penetrating the tape for best performance.

Q:  Can I paint over the 4EvaSeal® Fabric Backed Tape?

Yes.  The 4EvaSeal® Fabric Backed Tape is designed to be top coated.  Coatings applied to the top of the tape must be high solids and contain little to no solvent.  Typically the fabric backed tape is top coated with acrylic roof coatings or with other waterproofing systems.  The 4EvaSeal® Fabric Backed Tape is also ideal for use with the CIM waterproofing systems.  For more information on CIM materials please visit www.cimind.com .

Q:  Will 4EvaSeal® work under water?

4EvaSeal® should not be applied to wet surfaces, or under water.

4EvaSeal® can be installed in areas that are subject to ponding water and constant immersion.  During installation, surfaces must be clean and dry to assure a strong bond.  Once installed and well-bonded ponding water or immersion conditions will not deteriorate the performance of the 4EvaSeal® Tape.

Q:  Where can I purchase 4EvaSeal®?

4EvaSeal® can be purchased from one of our 4EvaSeal® or CIM distribution channels.  Contact Chase Corp at 781-332-0700 to get the name of a distributor in your area.

Q:  What is the size of a roll?

4EvaSeal® tape is available in a wide range of sizes.  Most rolls contain 50’ lengths of material and can be purchased in any width up to 48”.  Standard width sizes are 2”, 4”, 6”, and 12”.  Special widths will need to be custom ordered and make take several weeks to ship.

Q:  Can the 4EvaSeal® Double Sided Tape be used to fill gaps?

Yes the 4EvaSeal® Double Sided Tape can be rolled into a bead, ball, etc. to fill gaps and voids.

Q:  Can the 4EvaSeal® Double Sided Tape be used as a gasket between 2 materials?

Yes the 4EvaSeal® Double Sided Tape is ideal for use in applications between 2 materials to create a gasket type seal.