4EvaSeal ® Multipurpose Tape

•Ideal for use in outdoor exposures

•Aggressive adhesive is easy-to-apply

•Available in white, black, gray and tan.

4EvaSeal ® Fabric Backed Tape

•Fabric Tape designed to paint it over.

•Sticks to most materials.

•Easy to apply to complex shapes.

4EvaSeal ® Aluminum Tape

•Tape with heavy duty aluminum backing

•Aluminum finish for best UV resistance

4EvaSeal ® Double Sided Tape

•Double sided tape for bonding and sealing

•Available different thicknesses

•Perfect for use as a gasket and sealing gaps

4EvaSeal ® High Temperature Butyl Underlayment

•For use under roof systems where high heat is present.

•Suitable for exposure temperatures as high as 300F.

4EvaSeal ® Butyl Window and Door Flashing

•Self-Sealing and compatible with PVC

•Easy to use, bonds in cold temperatures